Awards & Accolades

2020 Season Awards & Accomplishments



University of Kentucky Masters Camp

  • Best use of tumbling throughout performances
  • Best dance
  • Most creative transitions in pyramid
  • Best use of signs/poms in cheer
  • Cheer Competitive Division: 2nd Place
  • Pin It Forward Recipients: Cheylynne Duba (Junior), Sophie Berthiaume (Freshman), Mia Pere (Junior)
  • All-American Recipients: Bree Hontz (Sophomore), Alexis Evig (Sophomore), Shaye Gomolak (Senior), Haley Bisson (Junior), Olivia Shappell (Sophomore)

In State Competitions

  • Top of the Hill Competition: 1st Place 5A Cheer
  • Rock the Mat Competition: 3rd Place 5A Cheer
  • Front Range League Competition: 1st Place All-Girl Cheer
  • UCA Mile High Regional: 1st Place Medium Varsity (Read the article)
  • CHSAA State Competition: 6th Place 5A Cheer

National High School Cheerleading Championship

  • Large Division I Game Day: 4th Place
  • Medium DI All-Girl: 9th Place
  • Watch our segment on Varsity TV!

Other Accolades


Junior Varsity

Estes Park UCA Masters Camp

  • All-American Recipients: Sedona Pearson (Sophomore), Olivia Hauser (Sophomore), Natalie Hiatt (Sophomore), Ashlynn Mary (Sophomore), Chloe Green (Junior)

In State Awards

  • UCA Mile High Regional Small JV: 3rd Place
  • JV State Invitational: 3rd Place


In State

  • Winter Blast Championship: 2nd Place